Why Working for Free Pays My Bills

This is not a logical post. It is not based on data or research or cold, hard facts. It probably makes no sense at all, but stay with me on this one:

Volunteering my time is ultimately what pays my bills, and I’d have to say that about 80-percent of my work hours is dedicated to not getting paid. Continue reading


I Think I Can, I Think I Can…

In my mind, keeping up with my personal blog should be an easy thing: sit down, write about whatever I want, the end. When I am working so many different jobs for so many different people, though, it’s hard to remember that I am responsible to myself as well. Continue reading

In the Beginning…

I created a website, and it was good.  Then it got too expensive to upkeep and run advertising, so I decided to condense everything.  And thus About Abbey was created.

A thrilling tale, to be sure.  Since I’ve slowed down work on The Eccentric Perspective and started focusing on my freelance writing–and started grad school–things have been a blur.  My list-making habit is out of control. 

Continue reading

Git ‘er dun

This week is the second class for both courses I’m taking at Emerson.  When told about a project in Online Writing that would have one person presenting each week, I eagerly raised my hand to do the first one.  All the pressure?  Yes.  But then it’s done.  And if you do a snazzy job, you get brownie points with the professor.  Good thinking Abbey! Continue reading