In the Beginning…

I created a website, and it was good.  Then it got too expensive to upkeep and run advertising, so I decided to condense everything.  And thus About Abbey was created.

A thrilling tale, to be sure.  Since I’ve slowed down work on The Eccentric Perspective and started focusing on my freelance writing–and started grad school–things have been a blur.  My list-making habit is out of control. 

I have lists on my calendar, on my phone, on my syllabi, on the back of my hand–bullet points rule my life.  The work I’m doing doesn’t inherently cause this kind of chaos, but I’m still adjusting to my Tuesday-Wednesday overnights in Boston. 

I’ve been using to find cheap places to stay, and I mean cheap. Less than $40 a night?  Yes please!  I tried it last semester for a few nights, and I have to admit it’s pretty convenient.  Last week I stayed in an apartment run by a woman named Soledad and it was simply divine.  The $30/night room was nicer than my apartment on a good day.  This woman thought of everything, from the reading light next to the couch to the umbrella in the room.  And what a doll–she was absolutely the most considerate hostess.  The apartment was a good 15-minute walk to the nearest T station (there was a bus, but I didn’t bother since it was less than a mile), but the neighborhood was safe and it was a short ride downtown from there. 

This week was a slightly different experience.  The walk was only two or three blocks to the Wonderland stop on the Blue Line (I smile a little every time I think about the Wonderland stop–I have no idea why it’s called that, but it’s adorable).  I don’t mind 30-40 minutes on the T–beats several hours in my car–so as far as proximity goes it was a more convenient place.  The apartment was in shambles though.  It was about as clean as I would expect a house in disrepair to be, which is to say it was perfectly livable but pretty ugly.  The sheets and bathroom were clean and there was a fridge, which are really my only make-or-break criteria for any place.  There were notes all over the walls and doors, even the shower, with basic information and instructions, but it was all written with such poor grammar that it made me cringe.  As a copyeditor and writer, that really irks me. 

I don’t think I’ll be staying at this week’s room again.  The house and neighborhood were dilapidated and smelled funny (yes, the house and the neighborhood), and as cute a name as it has, the Wonderland stop is a dump.  Considering both places cost the same amount, the first was definitely the better one.  The walk last week had my arthritis acting up pretty badly, though, so if I stay there again, I’ll have to wimp out and take the bus to the T.  Win some, lose some.

I have no idea where I’m staying next week.  I have some extra time, so maybe I should figure that out…


2 thoughts on “In the Beginning…

  1. Abbey, as you know, I’m new to the blogging world, but I’m now following you! I wanted to say thank you for all you have done in giving back to the community especially the V-Day campaign as you point out in your “about” page. I still have the mask that I bid on from you years ago…I see it every day and think of you. Bravo to artists like you!

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