Git ‘er dun

This week is the second class for both courses I’m taking at Emerson.  When told about a project in Online Writing that would have one person presenting each week, I eagerly raised my hand to do the first one.  All the pressure?  Yes.  But then it’s done.  And if you do a snazzy job, you get brownie points with the professor.  Good thinking Abbey!


Thursday I got hired to write a book and start blogging for a real estate website (which isn’t up yet, but when it is, there will be links).  Then I remembered we ALSO have to do a mini-presentation on blogs that got turned into books.  And a few thousand pages of reading.  And a blog post for that class.  AND I still need to flesh out my website.

So clearly the website is not going to be happening this week.  This isn’t even a first post–it’s just to let you know that this website will be up and running…soonish?

And that’s about all I have time for right now.  I’m going to go infuse my blood with caffeine and get back to work!


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